Freeland Foundation

Freeland Foundation’s mission is to protect vulnerable people and wildlife from organized crime and corruption, while revitalizing ecosystems and communities for a more secure world. Their vision is a world free of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. Project supported Protecting


Arulagam was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organisation. Their mission is to conserve flora and fauna – particularly endangered, neglected, less charismatic, and lesser-known species and their habitats – in Tamil Nadu and India in general. Project supported Promoting

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust was established in 2008 to help protect the wildlife and habitats of Malawi. Its mission is to save wildlife, campaign for conservation justice and inspire people to value and protect nature in Malawi. Project supported Tackling Illegal


Noé’s vision is to rebuild a vibrant, sustainable world where biodiversity and humanity co-exist in perfect harmony. As such, its mission is to protect and restore biodiversity for the well-being of all living species including mankind. Project supported Increasing Protection


SHOAL aims to shine a light on freshwater species, preventing their extinction and nurturing the recovery of threatened populations.  Project supported Creating a New Protected Area for Endemic Cichlid Conservation in Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania.