The Monk Seal Alliance Releases its 2023 Call for Collaborative Projects

Timeframe: April 2024 to April 2027 (36 months)
Partner: Monk Seal Alliance

Despite encouraging signs of recovery in recent years, the Mediterranean Monk Seal remains one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world. Five foundations are joining forces through the Monk Seal Alliance to help advance concrete and collaborative conservation action.

The pre-application phase for funding from the Monk Seal Alliance (MSA) is open online from March 3rd to March 31st 2023. Funding is available for projects covering the period of April 2024 to April 2027 (36 months).

This call concerns projects aiming at improving the conservation status of the Mediterranean monk seal throughout its full habitat range. It is divided in 2 categories of areas: “priority areas” (those where monk seal populations are established and reproducing) and “secondary areas” (those where sightings have been/are occurring which we expect monk seal populations to eventually recolonize).

For each category MSA has pre-determined a maximum number of projects and a maximum amount of support over the 2024-2027 period (3 years) based on the outcome of the 1st Monk Seal Alliance Forum held in Athens in February 2023.

Further specifications are available at this link:

About the Monk Seal Alliance

The Monk Seal Alliance (MSA) was created in 2019 by its founding Member organizations: the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the MAVA Foundation, Fondation Segré, the Sancta Devota Foundation and the Thalassa Foundation. The MSA intends to bring together foundations and other donor organizations to leverage the scope and impact of field activities carried out to deliver on Mediterranean monk seal conservation and enable concerted, long-term and region-wide implementation of actions.

The aim of the MSA is to support effective conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal by:

  • Promoting information exchange, networking and collaboration among experts
  • Contributing to implementing existing regional strategies and national action plans through co-funding collaborative projects
  • Leveraging funds by mobilizing other philanthropist organizations
  • Helping coordinating efforts on monk seal conservation
  • Disseminating information and raising awareness on the issue through the MSA partners’ networks