Strengthening the Protection of Yaguas National Park, Peru

Timeframe: 2022 - 2025
Country/Region: Yaguas National Park, Peru
Partner: Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)

Yaguas National Park is located in the Loreto Region of northern Peru and covers more than 868’000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest. Home to many endangered species and amongst the most diverse places in the Peruvian Amazon, the conservation status of the park is practically intact. Since 2017, the support from Fondation Segré has been key to the declaration of Yaguas as a National Park (January 2018), and had a direct impact in stopping illegal activities such as mining and deforestation in the area. Our support allowed the set-up of a regular surveillance program inside the park through the recruitment of park rangers and the implementation of law enforcement and monitoring patrols.

In 2022, Fondation Segré renewed its support to the Frankfurt Zoological Society’s efforts to strengthen the management and protect Yaguas. The main goal of this latest grant is to expand efficient protection measures in the South and South-East of the Yaguas landscape to prevent the encroachment of illegal activities (such as illegal artisanal gold mining and illegal plantations) on the park’s buffer zone. The foundation’s previous support, dedicated to law enforcement, demonstrated how the permanent presence of the national park authority (SERNANP) allowed the effective control of threats in the North of the park. The new project will allow the construction of two more rangers posts and the recruitment of additional rangers thus increasing on-going monitoring and patrolling efforts in the Southern part of the park.

You can read more about our previous support to FZS for the protection of YNP in HERE.