Resources and Commitments

When first established in 1996, Fondation Segré received an endowment which grew over time. The Foundation is authorised to spend income as well as capital for the achievement of its goals.

To focus on recent years: in both 2014 and 2015, the Foundation committed approximately EUR 3 million for respectively ten and eleven new projects. In 2016, we exceeded our annual target committing EUR 5.4 million to 17 new exciting projects. 2017 has seen the Foundation’s commitments raise to 22 new projects for a total of approximately EUR 5.8 million. In 2018 we have met approximately the same target with 23 new projects added to our portfolio for a total of EUR 5.7 million.

The sum total of commitments the Foundation entered into from 1996 to the end of 2018 exceeds EUR 39 million, corresponding to over 184 projects. While the Foundation is largely self-sustaining from a financial point of view thanks to its endowment, additional resources have also been contributed by friends who wished to support our work. We are grateful for this additional support and always happy to discuss such offers.

The Foundation’s target for new annual commitments is in principle EUR  5 million. Our present endowment and the new resources that we secured for the future guarantee a very long timeframe for the Foundation’s activities.