Future Leaders – Leadership Development Through Professional Internships

Timeframe: 2019 – 2022 // 2022 – 2025
Country/Region: Global
Partner: Fauna & Flora

The conservation of biodiversity presents many threats such as habitat loss and degradation, the direct exploitation of natural resources, poaching, pollution, climate change and many more. Acknowledging the huge range of conservation challenges, it is a priority we support early-career conservation professionals who are learning to address global conservation challenges and help them build leadership skills. For this reason, Fondation Segré has been supporting the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) since 2014 (click HERE for more information). Our support enables early-career conservationist to undertake internships working on priority species and habitat conservation through Fauna & Flora or other CLP partners. As a founding partner of the CLP, Fauna & Flora has been a key player in efforts to improve the effectiveness, confidence and networking opportunities of interns, directly enhancing their career prospects in the sector and increasing future conservation impact.

This is why Fondation Segré renewed its contribution in 2022 to support an additional 15 future conservation leaders (at least 9 of whom will be women) who will complete internships at Fauna & Flora country offices or with in-country partners. Fondation Segré internships will provide interns with on-the-job training and conservation experience, exposure to the day-to-day workings of an international conservation NGO, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, CLP support to interns will continue throughout their careers. The internships will also provide Fauna & Flora with talented and committed conservationists to work on priority programmes that will benefit Fauna & Flora’s conservation work.