Supporting the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

Timeframe: 2014 - 2018
Country/Region: Global
Partner: Fauna & Flora

The world is facing a global biodiversity crisis. Climate change, habitat loss, exploitation and poaching are destroying life at an unprecedented rate, threatening the sustainability of the planet. Local and national conservation organisations in biodiversity-rich developing countries are at the forefront in responding to conservation challenges. Building resilient organisations and professional conservation leaders able to address the most pressing conservation issues in their areas is one of the most effective means of making a lasting contribution to conservation.

Fauna & Flora is a founding partner of the Conservation Leadership Programme, which was initiated in 1985 in response to the need for additional scientific data on threatened species. Conservation Leadership Programme supports high-priority biodiversity conservation by building the leadership skills of early career conservationists who are striving to overcome major threats to nature in places where capacity and access to resources is limited. Initiatives that the Conservation Leadership Programme supports include: team awards, training, internships, and opportunities for network development.

In 2010, Fauna & Flora helped initiate the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge where the most promising individuals from across the world come together to learn in one of the world’s most prestigious universities approaches and strategies to lead and progress winning conservation interventions.

Fondation Segré strongly believes that by supporting our conservationists individually, we can help them reach their full potential and enable them to be key catalysts for the conservation movement within their own country. This is why Fondation Segré is proud to further partner with Fauna & Flora to continue this project that took place in 2014, this time to support an additional 15 Conservation Leadership Programme interns, provide 3 full scholarships and associated mentoring for the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge, and provide at least a further 24 Segré alumni with targeted leadership support.

Local Partner: Conservation Leadership Programme

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