Editorial Project in Partnership with La Repubblica

Timeframe: 2020 / 2021
Country/Region: Global
Partner: La Repubblica

2020 was supposed to be a pivotal year for biodiversity conservation as many high-profile events were planned to shape our planet’s future, from the UN Biodiversity Conference to the IUCN World Congress.

Surfing this wave, Fondation Segré had decided to embark in a very special project in order to raise the profile of biodiversity conservation and increase awareness of the public towards environmental threats. We partnered with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica for a joint editorial project to promote the extensive coverage of the above-mentioned theme.

Articles on biodiversity and the threats it faces were published every day for one year on the online version of the newspaper (here) and were featured on a dedicated page (here); two special reports were also published on the print version of the newspaper in November and December 2020 promoting the importance of biodiversity conservation.

We are very proud of this initiative and of the important number of readers that it reached and, given that all major high-profile environmental related events planned for 2020 were postponed, Fondation Segré decided to renew this partnership also for 2021.