Fondation Segré establishes close collaboration with African Parks

In 2016, Fondation Segré and African Parks have established a close collaboration to protect and restore key habitats in Africa.

African Parks was founded in 2000 in response to the dramatic decline of protected areas due to poor management and lack of funding. Currently, they are actively managing ten parks in seven African countries with the ultimate scope of making each park ecologically, socially and financially sustainable for the long-term. By 2020, their goal is to manage 20 parks and protect more than 10 million hectares.

Fondation Segré has embraced African Park’s vision and has engaged in the support of the management of two parks, namely Chinko in the Central African Republic and Bangweulu Wetlands in Zambia. In Chinko, African Parks is aiming at doubling the size of a safe zone where wildlife can return to by expanding the area covered by the patrols; whereas in Bangweulu, the idea is to relocate different game species to restore the entire wetland ecosystem and recreate an ecologically viable protected area.

Follow this link for more information on the Chinko project, and this for more information on the Bangweulu project.