Discontinuation of the Whitley-Segré Conservation Fund

In October 2015, Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) and Fondation Segré (FS) signed a memorandum of understanding to guide their collaboration on a new joint conservation program to be called Whitley Segré Conservation Fund (WSCF).

In the course of 2016, the Executive Panel of WSCF has received 42 applications from former WFN awardees. Of these, 10 projects have been selected for a total of £1,042,000. The financing of these grants comes in equal parts from WFN and FS, and represents a substantial new contribution to conservation through medium sized projects.

While both partners have expressed their deep satisfaction for these accomplishments, differences of opinion emerged about the continuation of the program for the future.

Despite the best efforts of the two partners to reconcile their different strategic views, it has been recognized that these differences could not be bridged. Regretfully, the WSCF program has now been terminated. The dissolution of the collaboration will not affect the 2016 grants just awarded, some of which will extend over two or three more years.

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