Fundación Omacha

Fundación Omacha is a non-profit organisation committed to sustainable development and conservation of aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity in Colombia. Project supported Protecting Endangered and Unknown Armadillos in the Llanos of Colombia

Salviamo L’Orso

Salviamo L’Orso is a non-profit, volunteer-led association working to save the Marsican brown bear from extinction by appealing to everyone who cares about this unique species and its natural environment. Project supported Marsican Bear Smart Communities

Katala Foundation

Katala Foundation, Inc. (KFI) is a non-profit, non-stock and non-governmental organisation that is active in protecting and conserving wildlife, particularly the critically endangered Philippine cockatoo and other threatened endemic wildlife in the Philippines. KFI’s vision is to effect conservation of

Fundación Rewilding Argentina

Fundación Rewilding Argentina is a foundation created to confront and reverse the extinction of species and the resulting environmental degradation, recovering the functionality of ecosystems and promoting the well-being of local communities. Project supported Rewilding Iberà

La Repubblica

La Repubblica is an Italian daily general-interest newspaper. Project supported Editorial Project in Partnership with La Repubblica


The Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals (FAPAS) is a non-profit organisation, based in Northern Spain. Its scope is national, and its purpose is the conservation of nature. They focus mainly on the conservation of those species of the Iberian