Protecting the Zakouma Ecosystem and Expanding the Protective Footprint to Siniaka Minia

Timeframe: 2017 // 2019 // 2020
Country/Region: Chad
Partner: African Parks

The Greater Zakouma Ecosystem is situated in south-eastern Chad in the savannah region between the Sahel and the rainforest of the Congo Basin and measures approximately 3’000km². It is one of the few intact Sudano-Sahelian ecosystems left in Africa and is among the most important protected areas on the continent.

After huge losses of wildlife, including 90% of its elephant population, African Parks took over management of Zakouma National Park in 2010. Thanks to effective law enforcement measures and community networks, African Parks has been able to practically eliminate poaching. Not a single elephant was poached in 2018, allowing the elephant population to rise to over 559 in 2018. Almost 400 bird species and 66 mammal species are present, with among them over half of world’s critically endangered Kordofan Giraffe population.

Following the success of the African Parks partnership in Zakouma National Park, the Government of Chad expanded African Parks’ management agreement in 2017 to incorporate the management of Siniaka Minia Faunal Reserve (SMFR). However, the reserve has very little infrastructure presently.

Fondation Segré has previously supported this project in 2017 and 2019 to promote the law enforcement activities in the park and renewed its contribution in 2020 to further support the efforts of African Parks to protect endangered wildlife and this natural ecosystem of global importance. The project’s expected outcomes are:

  • An effective integrated law enforcement strategy provides protection for the fauna and flora in the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem
  • Essential law enforcement infrastructure is developed in the Siniaka Minia Faunal Reserve
  • The transportation assets needed for effective law enforcement in the Siniaka Minia Faunal Reserve are secured
  • Aerial Surveillance and wet season logistical support for the Siniaka Minia Faunal Reserve are installed