Supporting the Conservation of Endangered Marine Mammals in the Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago Special Area of Conservation

Timeframe: 2019 - 2022
Country/Region: Greece
Partner: Tethys Research Institute

Marine mammals are under threat in the ocean like never before – fishing, shipping, pollution, underwater noise, and climate change are all creating multiple challenges for species and ecosystem survival.

The coastal waters of the Inner Ionian Sea off Western Greece still harbour a remarkable diversity of marine mammals; the common dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin and the Mediterranean monk seal – all subjected to variable levels of threat.

This project implemented by Tethys Research Institute and supported by Fondation Segré aims to address the effects of human activities on the above-mentioned species and the ecosystems on which they depend by implementing effective local conservation measures in collaboration with SAC (Special Areas of Conservation) Management Body and other relevant stakeholders. The proposed actions will be complemented by regular monitoring activities to investigate populations trends.

The goal of the project is to trigger and facilitate the adoption in the area a novel approach to marine mammal conservation by:

  • stimulating and supporting the SAC management body with the design and implementation of an action plan to specifically address marine mammal threats through regulations and enforcement
  • addressing the behaviours of local stakeholders such as small-scale fishermen and tourist operators through awareness, involvement and cooperative activities.