Protect river dolphins and their river habitat in their range

Timeframe: 2014 - 2017
Country/Region: Colombia, South America
Partner: Whitley Fund for Nature

The Amazon basin is the largest river basin in the world and provides food, water and transport to thousands of people. It is also home to freshwater dolphins which are some of the most endangered cetaceans on the planet as development projects destroy their habitat and pollute the waterways.

This project will :

  • Build on the River Dolphin Action Plan to implement a regional conservation initiative,
  • Communicate research findings to industry and governments to ensure the legal consideration of dolphins in planning proposals and mitigate the impacts of water development projects,
  • Stop the killing of river dolphins for use in the catfish industry and coordinate new agreements to support sustainable fisheries management, and
  • Reduce exploitation of dolphins by educating local communities and providing economic alternatives that encourage the conservation rather than killing of dolphins.

Local partner: Fundación Omacha
Project leader: Dr Fernando Trujillo

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