Develop a global effort to protect penguin populations

Timeframe: 2014 - 2017
Country/Region: Argentina, South America
Partner: Whitley Fund for Nature

Over half of the world’s 18 penguin species are listed as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘endangered’ by IUCN. Threatened by poor fisheries management, pollution and climate change in the oceans, penguins also face pressure on land from coastal development and introduced predators.

This project will :

  • Consolidate the newly formed IUCN Penguin Specialist Group to provide cutting-edge advice to influence policy and elevate the conservation of penguins and their ocean habitat on the global political agenda,
  • Support research to determine population sizes, key habitat and migration routes to improve scientific understanding and evidence the creation of new protected areas and management strategies,
  • Promote community-led, science-based conservation as a key principle for penguin conservation by educating local people and involving them in conservation activities, and
  • Foster a conservation culture among the people and children sharing penguin habitat and raise awareness and the local and international level.

Local partner: The Global Penguin Society
Project leader: Dr Pablo Borboroglu

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