Improving Large Carnivore Management and Conservation in Turkey

Timeframe: 2018 - 2021
Country/Region: Turkey
Partner: KuzeyDoga Society

Following a previous commitment through the partnership with Whitley Fund for Nature (read more here), Fondation Segré decided to further support the work of Cagan Sekercioglu in Turkey.

Eastern Turkey is the last refuge for large carnivores in the country. However, this region has received little conservation attention to date, even as the entire country experiences a massive biodiversity crisis fuelled by habitat destruction, depletion of prey animal populations, and feeble environmental laws. To address this crisis, Turkish non-profit organisation KuzeyDoğa Society proposes to continue monitor large carnivores and assess the impacts of human activity on animal habitats. These data will be used to conserve large carnivores and their habitats by improving public perception of large carnivores, reducing human‐carnivore conflict, and promoting an ecotourism program with existing and new partners.

A key objective of this second phase is to work with local and national government agencies to finalise the wildlife corridor boundaries identified during the past phase of the project, increase the corridor’s reforestation, and initiate the final construction of a wildlife overpass to smooth the dispersion of wildlife.