The Amphibian Conservation Fund

Timeframe: 2020-2024
Country/Region: Worldwide
Partner: Synchronicity Earth

Amphibians are familiar to most people as frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, and, to a much smaller extent, caecilians. There are over 8’000 species of amphibians, occurring in virtually all terrestrial and freshwater habitats apart from the coldest and driest regions, from the most remote oceanic islands, and from marine ecosystems.

The diversity of amphibian species is highest in the tropics, particularly in Central and South America, but also has important concentrations in equatorial Africa, Madagascar, parts of Asia, and New Guinea.

Despite this, a large number of amphibian species are on the verge of extinction and are in urgent need of attention. They are threatened primarily by habitat loss, disease and climate change.

To address these challenges, our partner, Synchronicity Earth has launched its Amphibian Programme in 2019 with three key goals:

  • Improve the knowledge base used to guide amphibian conservation
  • Fund increased amphibian conservation in the field, including trialling new approaches to combat disease
  • Support the development of amphibian conservation organisations

In 2021, Synchronicity Earth launched the Amphibian Conservation Fund, an exciting initiative to catalyse urgently needed philanthropic support for amphibians globally. The Fund has since been joined by Fondation Segré, Oak Foundation, another Geneva-based foundation and the BAND Foundation.