Rehabilitation of the Javan warty pig in Baluran National Park

Timeframe: 2017 - 2019
Country/Region: East Java, Indonesia
Partner: Copenhagen Zoo

Fondation Segré has partnered with the Copenhagen Zoo to restore the Baluran National Park in East Java to its natural ecological condition, in particular supporting the efforts for the recovery of a genetically viable population of the Javan warty pig in the area.

The Javan warty pig is at the brink of extinction from the wild as it is now only found in a few isolated populations in Western and Central Java. Baluran NP in East Java is one of the most unique in the region and the only Indo-Malayan region dominated by savanna and open woodland habitats. Baluran NP used to be one of the strongholds of Javan warty pig, but due to illegal poaching the species has disappeared from the park.

The project aims at reintroducing the Javan warty pig, from a source population held in the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Centre, to the Baluran NP. The first two families of Javan warty pigs will be released once the following activities will have been implemented

  • Camera trap survey in Baluran to assess the presence/absence of the Javan warty pig and genetic mapping of the present pigs
  • Habitat assessment in preparation for the reintroduction
  • Construction of warty pig breeding and soft-release facilities in Baluran NP
  • Training of local staff to manage the entire operation (breeding and releasing of the species)