Protection of the Mediterranean monk seal colony of the Cabo Blanco Peninsula in Mauritania

Timeframe: 2014-2016
Country/Region: Mauritania, Africa
Partner: IUCN Save Our Species // CBD Habitat Foundation

The Mediterranean monk seal is one of the most threatened mammals in the world. The threats that have been identified to date range from massive die-offs due to red tides, diseases and sub-optimal pupping sites to interactions with fisheries and habitat disturbance. The aim of the project will be to focus on the two main conservation problems that the monk seal colony faces: human disturbances and threats at the breeding caves, as well as mortality due to interaction with fisheries.

The project will:

  • Support a permanent surveillance of the participative reserve “Coast of the Seals” which will reduce or eliminate direct human threats and disturbances
  • Organise training courses for the Mauritanian Coast Guards and to observers on board fishing vessels, in order to raise their awareness of the monk seal colony