Increasing Operational Capacity in South Sudan to Develop Conservation Strategies for the Boma-Badingilo Landscape

Timeframe: 2022
Country/Region: South Sudan
Partner: African Parks Network

The Boma-Badingilo Landscape in South Sudan is an integral part of the greater Boma-Badingilo-Jonglei-Omo Ecosystem, spanning nearly 150’000 km2 in total, constituting one of the largest intact wilderness areas of conservation interest in Africa. It hosts a number of endangered species, including one of the last strongholds of Northern lions and Nubian giraffes, as well as viable populations of leopard, cheetah, elephant, and African wild dogs. However, this landscape and its wildlife are under huge pressure from poaching, bushmeat hunting, unsustainable collection of natural resources, and human developments. Wildlife populations have seen enormous declines in the past 40 years. Immediate and effective interventions are necessary to preserve and restore the wildlife living in this beautiful landscape.

In August 2022, African Parks signed a 10-year renewable agreement with the Government of South Sudan to undertake the management of both Boma and Badingilo National Parks. The funding of Fondation Segré is contributing to the establishment of a temporary base in Juba, the development of essential infrastructure in Badingilo National Park, the provision of adequate fleets of vehicles for transportation of personnel and the implementation of aerial surveillance. Establishing operational capacity in South Sudan will allow African Parks to develop sound conservation strategies for the long-term management of the Boma-Badingilo Landscape and the protection and rehabilitation of its wildlife.