Expanding Professional Training Opportunities for the Zoo and Aquarium Community

Timeframe: 2013 - 2016
Country/Region: Israel, Middle East
Partner: EAZA Academy // Israel Zoo Association (IZA)

The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is an organisation for the European and Middle Eastern zoo and aquarium community that links over 340 member organisations in 41 countries. EAZA is committed to enhancing the professionalism and standards of its member institutions through training opportunities. These are offered through the EAZA Academy which successfully runs a varied range of courses aimed at all sectors of the zoo and aquarium community. Cooperation with the Israel Zoo Association (IZA) and support from Fondation Segré means that targeted courses from the EAZA Academy can be delivered in Israel. This results in:

  • a much higher uptake of the training opportunities across all job roles, fruther spreading the “EAZA ethos” and raising standards;
  • increased opportunities for distribution of industry news, the latest available tools, and research into best practivce to disseminate current ideas on animal management and welfare to a wider zoo community;
  • collaborative training opportunities to provide a solid knowledge and skills foundation to ensure future growth and development towards EAZA standards and protecting biodiversity