Elephants on the Edge

Timeframe: 2016 // 2017
Country/Region: Democratic Republic of Congo
Partner: Forgotten Parks (for phase I: Institut Congolais de la Conservation de la Nature)

Following our engagement in 2016 for an emergency intervention in Upemba National Park and appreciating the importance of our contribution, we decided to support the work of Forgotten Parks in the area for another six months in 2017.

The aim of the project is to keep securing the population of elephants living in the area by constantly monitoring them with the precious help of committed park rangers guiding them to safe areas, reducing the threat of poaching and conflict with local communities. In 2017, a great achievement has  been seen with the arrest of the most notorious elephant poacher in Katanga, significantly weakening the poaching network in the region. This is not the time to relax but rather to further increase the investigation and monitoring capacity of the rangers acting on the ground.