Coexistence of Large Carnivores and Humans – Conflict Reduction in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Timeframe: 2023-2025
Country/Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Partner: Ecology and Research Association (EID)

Bosnia and Herzegovina are considered a key area for the Dinaric-Pindos/Dinaric-Balkan populations of large carnivores, especially the gray wolf and the brown bear. Both species remain present in the region, but their populations are declining.

The programme aims to pilot human-wildlife conflict mitigation measures and promote safe coexistence between rural populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and gray wolves and brown bears.

With this project, the Ecology and Research Association (EID) will protect 100 households with electric fences and livestock guardian dogs. Through workshops and purpose-made leaflets, they will sensitize rural communities that are yet unfamiliar with measures to reduce and prevent carnivore damage and for whom these measures are financially unavailable. By associating to the roll out of these measures a long-term media campaign, the organization counts to reach over 100’000 citizens to further disseminate information on these measures and on the project experience. The effectiveness of these measures is expected to stimulate their further rollout beyond the initial reach of the project and to further reduce the pressure on large carnivores in the region.