Reintroduction of Pileated Gibbons at the Angkor World Heritage Site

Timeframe: 2018 - 2021
Country/Region: Cambodia
Partner: Wildlife Alliance

Successful conservation in South East Asia requires innovative approaches to galvanise public and political support. To this end Wildlife Alliance is showcasing the reintroduction of the globally endangered Pileated Gibbons surrounding the iconic temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, using animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade.

Populations of Pileated Gibbons in Cambodia west of the Mekong River have been in decline since the 1980s due to habitat loss caused by logging, agro-industrial concessions and hydroelectric dams and increased poaching for trade.

This project, supported by Fondation Segré, seeks to expand an ongoing program implemented by Wildlife Alliance to reintroduce Pileated Gibbons and other wildlife species back into the Angkor Complex. The conservation of the released population of Pileated Gibbons will be achieved through three strategic objectives

  • The establishment of a sustainable population of Pileated Gibbons at the Angkor Temples Forest Complex.
  • The implementation of enforcement measures to protect wildlife in the Angkor Complex and to reduce wildlife trafficking in Siem Reap Province; and
  • The support from government officials and the public for reintroduction of Pileated Gibbons and other IUCN Red List species at the Angkor Complex