Pallas’s Cat International Conservation Alliance (PICA)

Timeframe: 2016 - 2019 / 2019 – 2022
Country/Region: Central Asia
Partner: Nordens Ark

Fondation Segré partnered with Nordens Ark to promote conservation of one of the least studied cats in the world, the Pallas’s cat. Globally, the Pallas’s cat is threatened by habitat degradation, hunting for the wildlife trade, accidental trapping in traps intended for other species and by the loss of natural prey. However, there is not a detailed understanding about the local variations and the factors associated with how and why threats vary geographically. In fact, lack of information is a key factor that restricts the development of targeted conservation actions.

Hence, the first step to be taken in order to secure the protection of the Pallas’s cat was the development of a first ever Status Review and Conservation Strategy for the species, and consequently the establishment of an evidence-based framework for long-term and effective conservation actions. This was successfully achieved thanks also to Fondation Segré support during a first phase of the project in 2016 – 2019. In that context, the Pallas’s Cat International Conservation Alliance (PICA) was formalized, bringing together the experts working on the target species.

Fondation Segré renewed its contribution in 2019 to support further research to close important knowledge gaps on the species and establish a solid foundation for the long-term conservation of the Pallas’s cat. Continued support from Fondation Segré will, for the first time, ensure that targeted and collaborative actions following the Conservation Strategy can be implemented. Specifically, delivery of the actions by PICA network will provide a more streamlined collaboration between different stakeholders as well as promoting a greater connection with range country policy makers with the final goal of having Pallas’s cat conservation actions included in regional and national management plans.