Saving Species on the EDGE of Existence

Timeframe: 2017 - 2022
Country/Region: Global
Partner: ZSL

EDGE species are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, which means they are some of the most unique species on the planet on the verge of being lost forever. Often overlooked by the conservation agenda, they represent entire branches of the tree of life and, when they are gone, there will be nothing like them left on earth.

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme is the only global conservation initiative investing in locally-led conservation action by training, mentoring and financially supporting local conservation leaders working on EDGE species in global hotspots.

Fondation Segré will support 15 EDGE Fellows, five per year, as part of a global network of conservation leaders influencing the conservation agenda in Latin America, Africa and Asia. This project will also recognise and scale-up the three best conservation projects proposed by the Segré EDGE Fellows during this period, providing an additional grant over one year in the form of a Segré EDGE Species Survival Award in order to deliver effective long-term conservation outcomes at a landscape level benefiting multiple EDGE species.