Protecting the wildlife and people around Zakouma National Park in Chad

Timeframe: 2017
Country/Region: Chad
Partner: African Parks

As one of the few intact Sudano-Sahelian ecosystems left in Africa, Zakouma National Park is among the most important protected areas on the continent. After huge losses of wildlife, including 95% of its elephant population, African Parks took over management of the park in 2010. Due to effective law enforcement measures and community networks, African Parks has been able to practically eliminate poaching with only a few individuals being lost in the past seven years. The elephant population is finally on the rise, with over 500 individuals counted in February 2017, the first increase in over a decade. Since 1989, the EU has been the key funder of Zakouma and continued to be after African Parks took over management. Fondation Segré has decided to step in as gap founder for 2017 to support the law enforcement activities in the park to fight back the very tangible increasing pressure along the park’s periphery from local human settlements.