Our Organisation

Fondation Segré is incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and is supervised by the Federal Department of Home Affairs. As an approved, non-profit organisation, we are exempted from taxation.

The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is responsible for managing and representing the Foundation and for approving the annual accounts.

The Board is composed of five members:

  • Dr Claudio Segré, Founder and Chairman
  • Mr Jeff Blumberg
  • Prof. Luigi Boitani
  • Me Luc Hafner
  • Mr Ralph Kanza
  • Dr Claude Martin

Secretary of the Board: Mr Anton Müller

Special Scientific Adviser

Professor Tim F. Flannery has been appointed Special Scientific Adviser to the Foundation. Professor Flannery, whose scientific work in paleontology and mammalogy is known worldwide, has led international negotiations on climate change and is considered an authority  and a leader on this crucial subject. He is the acclaimed author of many books on the transformation of our environment.

The Team

  • Prof. Luigi Boitani, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Caterina Boitani, Manager
  • Ms Régine Sontag, Executive Assistant