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African Elephants © Riccardo Tosi Photography/Chem Chem Philantropy and Safaris; Indri lemur © Jonathan Fiely; Pelicans © Yoram Shpirer. Customs officials in Suvarnabhumi discover a shipment of African elephant tusks from Mozmabique © James Morgan/WWF; Sumatran tiger © Massimiliano Di Giovanni; Signature of MoU with FPA2 © Fondation Prince Albert II; Bangweulu wetlands © Kris Pannecoucke; Segré EDGE Fellows in Africa © ZSL; Kulan © John Linnell/NINA; A rainbow over the rainforest along the Putumayo River, Peru © Daniel Rosengren; Lions in Zakouma © African Parks; Forest elephants wandering towards the shore © Michael Nichols/NGS; Trees © Ben Porter/ELP.; Rangers at training © SAWC. Unsuccessful attempt by a diver to rescue a Leatherback turtle caught in a net © Michel Gunther/WWF; Auditorium at the Royal Geographical Society, Whitley Awards 2011 © James Finlay; A male siamang looking down © WCS Indonesia; Irrawaddy dolphin breaching on back © Gerry Ryan/WWF Cambodia; Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby © Australian Wildlife Conservancy; Tiger photographed using a camera trap in Berbak National Park © ZSL/PHKA; Amur Leopard with vets © ZSL/WCS; Villa dei Vescovi © Dagli Orti/FAI; Villa del Balbianello © Giorgio Majno/FAI; Wolves © Jerusalem Biblical Zoo; Building the fence in Mt Kenya © Zurich Zoo; Black rhino © Martin Harvey; Western Lowland Gorilla © Martin Harvey/WWF; Echo parakeet © Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; Avian endoscopy course 2013 © EAZA; Snow leopards © Cyril Grundmann/Snow Leopard Trust; Emperor penguin © Global Penguin Society; River dolphins © Dr Fernando Trujillo; Turkish landscape © Çağan Şekercioğlu; Marsican bear © Bruno D’Amicis; Okapi © Jim Thorsell; Mediterranean monk seals © Moulaye Haya/CBD; Javan green magpie © Florian Richter; Fringed water-lily on Indawgi Myanmar © FFI; Ulungwe inselberg Chuilexi © Joe Heffernan/FFI; African elephants © Josephine Nzilani; White-backed Woodpecker © Tom Svensson/Nordens Ark; Finning a newly caught Grey reef shark, Philippines © Jürgen Freund/WWF; Seabird © Pep Arcos; Wild orangutan photographed in Sumatra © Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia; Eurasian grey wolf © Stefan Avramov; Community meeting © Nelson Guda/Grevy’s Zebra Trust; Pangolin © Dan Challender/ZSL; Lowland Tapir Brazil © Daniel Zupanc; Indian Elephants © M.D. Madhusudan; Geometric Tortoise © Turtle Conservancy; White-headed vulture © Andy and Gill Swash; Ethiopian wolf © Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP); Sun bear © Istituto OIKOS; Pallas cat © Tom Svensson; Bangweulu wetlands © Kris Pannecoucke; Osprey © Denis Landenbergue; Giant sable © Pedro Vaz Pinto; Jaguar on camera trap © Juan Reppucci; Small-clawed Otter © Nicole Duplaix; Kulan in the Gobi © Petra Kaczensky/NINA; Slender-snouted crocodile © Flickr; Black rhino © Neil Aldridge/Rhino Conservation Botswana; Landscape in Java © Carl Traeholt; Adult male orangutan © Melvin Gumal/WCS; Giant Anteater © Jason Woolgar; Ibex on camera trap © WCS; Forest landscape © Nick Heard; White-shouldered Ibis © Jonathan Charles Eames OBE; Pandiyar river estuary © Seeds Trust; Wattled Cranes © Griffin Shanungu/(ICF/EWT); Upemba © Aydin Matabi; Cheetah © Kim Young; Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park © WCS; Yaguas from above © Álvaro del Campo/The Field Museum; Isola di Cavoli © Antonio Monteleone; Monk seal © C. Papadas/ WWF Greece; Brown Bear © Adrian Ciurea/FFI; Dja river © Sinziana Demian/WWF ; Green turtle © Marine Research Foundation; African Elephants © Martin Harvey ; Pangolin © Elyane & Cedric Jacquet; Aggregation of Podocnemis expansa © Pato Salcedo WCS/TSA; Grey wolf © KuzeyDoga Society; Red panda © Axel Gebauer/Red Panda Network ; Damselfly © Daniel Rosengren/FZS; Owston’s Civet  © Save Vietnam’s Wildlife; Western Lowland Gorilla © Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa; Benguerra Island © Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa; Leopard © Panthera; Tiger in a waterhole © Augustine Prince/WTI; Pileated Gibbons in the forest © Wildlife Alliance; Big-headed Turtle © Benjamin Tapley/ZSL; A Giant Forest Hog in the forest © National Geographic/Courtesy of the project; An adult male lion at rest in the Serengeti plains © Michael Nichols/NGS; Female Javan Leafbird © KASI Foundation; A ranger giving training to students © SAWC/SAWCT; Western Lowland Gorilla © Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa; Colourful birds in Zakouma © Kyle de Nobrega/African Parks; Common Dolphin © JGonzalvo/TETHYS; Yellow Legged Gull © Biljana Jecmenica/BIOM; The Nakai–Nam Theun National Protected Area © Project Anoulak; Asian elephants © Wildlife Alliance; Conservation Leadership Programme Canada training © Stuart Paterson/FFI; Chachuna © Giorgi Ianqoshvili/ELP; Andean Bear © Matthew Baldwin; Ranger in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, India © P.D.M. Photography; Okapi © Okapi Conservation Project/Wildlife Conservation Global; Gorilla forest habitat in the Mwana Valley © Léonard EO/Itombwe; Illegally poached elephant tusks and ivory go up in flames © WWF; Toucans © Desert Morocco Adventure on Unsplash.