How to apply

Proposals are welcome anytime in the preliminary form of a concept of no more than 2’000 words. The Foundation will review it for consistency with its priorities and criteria with support, if necessary, of independent experts. If the concept is approved by the Foundation, normally within two to three weeks, the proponent will be invited to submit a full proposal using the Foundation’s templates for the project description, the budget and the logical framework (available upon request). The full proposal will be sent for review to at least two independent experts chosen by the Foundation. On the basis of the external and internal reviews, the Foundation may reject the proposal or require clarification, changes and revisions until agreement on a final version is reached. The proposal will then be sent to the Foundation Board for formal approval. Once the Board has formally approved the project, the terms of the Foundation’s contribution will be defined in a contract spelling out the timing of the project, disbursement dates and prerequisites, as well as reporting obligations. The entire process should normally take no more than two months. The Foundation will consider issuing specific calls for projects on conservation topics of special interest to the Foundation. The selection process, however, will apply as for all other project proposals.