Conservation of the Pallas’s cat through capacity building, research and global planning

Timeframe: 2016 - 2019
Country/Region: Mongolia, Asia
Partner: Nordens Ark

Fondation Segré partnered with Nordens Ark to promote conservation of one of the least studied cats in the world, the Pallas’s cat. Globally, the Pallas’s cat is threatened by habitat degradation, hunting for the wildlife trade, accidental trapping in traps intended for other species and by the loss of natural prey. However, there is not a detailed understanding about the local variations and the factors associated with how and why threats vary geographically. In fact, lack of information is a key factor that restricts the development of targeted conservation actions. Hence, in order to secure the protection of this species, an improvement of the knowledge about its distribution, threats and basic ecology throughout the range countries is needed.

The ultimate goal of the project is the development of the first ever Action Plan for the Pallas’s Cat and this will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Improve knowledge of distribution and improve monitoring techniques for the species;
  • Increase knowledge on basic ecology of the Pallas’s cat in order to create targeted conservation plans;
  • Raise awareness and conservation capacity for Pallas’s cats and their prey both locally and globally through communication and awareness initiatives;
  • Designing strategies for a global conservation plan of the Pallas’s cat and hosting a global workshop to draft the global Action Plan.