Fondation Segré is committed to help protect the biodiversity of our planet through the active conservation of threatened species and their habitat and the restoration of degraded ecosystems.

Community-Based Conservation of the Philippine Cockatoo and its Habitats (Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme; PCCP)
Restoring Raja Ampat’s Endangered Zebra Shark Population through Translocation of Captive-Bred Offspring
Restoring Central Australia’s Lost Biodiversity at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary
Securing large carnivores and their prey in Kafue National Park
Developing and Implementing Solutions to the Nexus between Protected Area Governance, the Snaring Crisis, and the Wild Meat Trade in Vietnam.

About Fondation Segré

“I am concerned about the increasing number of challenges our vulnerable planet is facing but I am also encouraged by the growing interest in conservation.”
Fondation Segré either directly undertakes conservation projects or alternatively offers financial support to partner organisations.